Technical Articles

The World Beyond 20kHz – by David E. Blackmer
Using a study of the human hearing mechanism as his foundation, Earthworks’ founder David E. Blackmer presents his arguments for, and his vision of, high-definition audio. Read more. 
How Earthworks High Definition Microphones Can Dramatically Improve the Quality of Your Worship Services
New advanced technologies allow Earthworks High Definition Microphones™ to overcome common problems inherent with the use of conventional microphones. This article looks at the problems typically encountered in church sound systems and then see how they can be overcome with the use of Earthworks High Definition Microphones.  Read more. 
How Earthworks Measures Microphones
How to measure microphones and the implications relating to measuring loudspeakers.  Read more. 
Warm and Clear: Choosing the best podium microphone for public venues
When choosing a microphone for use as a podium microphone at public venues where the speakers are varied and unknown the requirements are much different.  Read more. 
Omni Application Guide
A look at the benefits and technologies surrounding omni microphones, and how best to use Earthworks omnidirectional microphones. Read more.