Custom microphone solutions

Precision engineered and hand assembled in our New Hampshire facility, Earthworks provides specialised and general purpose microphones for recording, live performance, installation, test and measurement applications. While we strive to develop and provide microphones that are both pristine sounding and problem solving for a variety of applications, we understand that there are requirements that call for a unique microphone solution that we currently do not offer.

Because our microphones are designed, machined and assembled in our Milford, New Hampshire facility, we are able to work with you to develop custom microphones based on your specific needs. A team of engineers, machinists and technicians will work together to design and manufacture a microphone for your specific application.

Customizable Options

  • Frequency response
  • Polar pattern
  • Form factor
  • Size
  • Color


Pricing is determined by quantity, lead time, specifications and customizations.

To begin the process for a custom microphone solution project, please contact us via phone at (603) 654-2433 or email at

Some Examples of Previous Custom Microphone Projects

Intended Application

Precision surveillance


  • 40kHz flat frequency response
  • Up to 6 meter cable between capsule and electronics
  • Small capsule for inconspicuous placement and high audio quality

Intended Application

Precision high SPL industrial feedback control


  • Vibration and humidity hardened enclosure
  • Small form factor
  • Max acoustic input of 150dB SPL
  • Minimal phase characteristics for precision measurements

Intended Application

Chemical trace acoustic signature locator


  • High gain at high frequency
  • 50kHz+ 40dBi directional parabolic reflector
  • Tight high frequency pickup pattern