Drum Cases

Custom cases for our DrumKits™, CloseMic™ Kits, Drum FullKit™ and Drum Periscope™ Combo Kits. Each case comes with a custom insert to safely and conveniently store your Earthworks mics.

DK25-C Aluminum Case for DK25/L & DK25/R with Custom Insert
DK50/R-C Zero/Halliburton™ Case for DK50/R with Custom Insert
CK-C Case for SMC1 & TMC1 combo kits
CMK-C High-impact Case for CMK4 & CMK5 CloseMic™ drum mics
DFK-C Requires two High-impact Cases for DFK1 and DFK2 Drum FullKit™ Systems Mics (one CMK-C and one DFK-C)