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Participating Retailers

The SR20s are like studio quality mics that really behave themselves in extremely tough situations!

John Holder, Blue Ridge Sound

In the studio, in the field, or on stage, it captures a subtlety that just can’t be replicated after the fact.

Chris Devine, Performer Magazine

Overall the SR20 is actually a touch more forgiving, especially to those singers who like to eat the mic. It also gives the illusion of being just a tad warmer, especially up close with its proximity effect in full bloom.

Paul Vnuk Jr., Recording Magazine

Eisley’s music is very vocal-centric, and the amazing accuracy of the SR Series mics really takes the vocals to the next level. More so than any other instrument, everyone knows how a human voice sounds in real life, and when you can actually deliver that sound in a concert, it makes a tremendous difference.

Mark Schwartzkopf, FOH Engineer, Eisley

I feel comfortable saying that the Earthworks mic is easily in the same league with my other favorite vocal mics (Neumann KMS 104, Audio-Technica AT 4055, Shure KSM9). I found it to be transparent and airy, without any of the treble coloration often associated with other mics of the genre.

Nick Malgieri, ProSoundWeb

I found myself marveling at the amazing depth, clarity and nuance I heard through the PA. If sound check was an eye-opener, the show was statement. The SR40V delivers an elegant, warmly realistic, complex and finely detailed vocal sound.

David Morgan, FOH Magazine

“The full range of his voice and the dynamics were there, along with the other vocal sounds, lip smacks, and so on that you would hear if you were sitting across from him at a table having a conversation.”

The SR40V came over with a good balance of highs and lows, sounding very natural and transparent. I’d certainly have no qualms using it for a studio session, and because the mic doesn’t have specific character engineered in, it should suit a wide range of vocal styles and voice types.

Paul White, Sound on Sound

The SR40V has the inherent quality and smooth top-end extension of a “studio” mic but one that is, by design, quite useful when placed a little closer to sources, taking advantage of some proximity effect just as is often done in live sound reinforcement.

Rob Tavaglione, ProAudioReview

This is an easy one; the SR40V really sounds nice and natural—I can pretty much say without any doubt that I have not heard a handheld condenser sound this good in my life.

Paul Vnuk Jr., Recording Magazine

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Earthworks’ Vocal Microphone Instant Rebate runs from October 1st, 2017 through October 31st, 2017.

Valid through authorized retailers in the United States only.

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