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ChoirMic Series

Installed hanging microphones that provide pristine audio quality with no spotlighting and more gain before feedback, the ChoirMic Series allows for the reproduction of true choir sound.

CloseMic Series

Kits designed for close miking and full kit miking, the CloseMic Series provides time saving kits full of microphones that will capture every detail of your drum set while withstanding the rigors of the road.

Drum Periscope Series

Designed to capture the subtleties of toms and snare, while robust enough to withstand a direct hit from a drumstick, the Drum Periscope Series provides a premium microphone choice for toms and snare.

DrumKit Series

Three microphone kits that capture every nuance of sound with exceptional clairty and cohesiveness, bringing out the tone of a drum kit.

FlexMic Series

Combining high intelligibility with our patented polar technology that allows an orator to move in front of the microphone and maintain the same pristine sound quality, the FlexMic is a problem solver for podium miking.

FlexWand Series

The ideal solution when the utmost in sound quality and a low profile are required, the FlexWand combines a 30kHz microphone, microphone stand and boom into a single unit.

Installation Series

The Installation Series provides a low profile, pristine sounding microphone solution for permanent installations.

Measurement Series

The M Series has become the accepted standard for affordable, reliable reference and measurement microphones that are accurate in the time domain and frequency response.

Periscope Series

With a 4 inch flexible gooseneck and small microphone head, the Periscope Series has flexible positioning options, allowing it to go where other microphones cannot.

PianoMic Series

Designed to provide a simple solution to miking pianos, the PianoMic can be used with the lid open and closed, all while providing an incredible improvement in piano sound for live and recording applications.

Quiet Time Coherent Series

Perfect for recording the accuracy and full detail of instruments in the studio, while robust and subtle enough to record elephant sounds in the jungle, the QTC Series delivers detail and depth in your recordings.

Sound Reinforcement Series

The advanced circuitry and patented technologies found in the SR Series deliver the purist sound capture while withstanding the rigors of the most demanding studio and live environments.

Time Coherent Series

Designed to handle high sound pressure levels up to 150dB while simultaneously capturing subtle details, the TC Series is the ideal studio choice for louder sources.

Vocal Mic Series

Featuring revolutionary circuitry for flawless sonic performance, Earthworks vocal microphones deliver a natural clarity of sound with unmatched presence and depth for vocals.

ZDT Preamps

The Zero Distortion Technology preamplifier series is based on discrete circuitry designed by David Blackmer, which provides frequency response from 1Hz to 200kHz +0.5dB, a rise time of 0.27 microseconds and distortion of less than 1 part per million (0.0001%), eliminating all possibility of sonic degradation.