TableComm™ Series

30kHz Boundary Microphones

The Earthworks TableComm™ Series of microphones are ideal for temporary placement on a tabletop or permanent installation for conferencing or speech applications. With an extended high frequency response to 30kHz and near-perfect polar response, the CTB and CTF microphones provide ultra high speech intelligibility and incredible coverage. In addition, the extremely fast diaphragm settling time allows more subtle details and nuances of the human voice to be reproduced, which adds to the amazing clarity and intelligibility of these microphones at various distances from the microphone.

The 4.1 inch base can be permanently affixed to a surface or temporarily placed on a tabletop, and incorporates a unique filter that minimizes HVAC noise, table thumping and paper shuffling, which can disrupt the sound.

  • Base can be temporarily placed on a table or permanently installed
  • Small Footprint
  • Very High Intelligibility
  • RF Shielding against cell phones and other RF devices
  • Specialized filter to minimize table thumping and HVAC noise


Boundary Microphones

  • Available in black, white, silver or Nextel® Dark Black finishes

CTF10 & CTF12

Tabletop Gooseneck Microphones with Integrated Base

  • Available in 10 or 12 inch goosenecks