IMBL30 & IMB30

Low Profile Boundary Layer Microphones

Boundary Mic Series
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The IMB & IMBL Boundary Layer Microphones provide a pristine sounding microphone solution for permanent installations when a low profile is of the utmost importance. Featuring a flat frequency response and patented polar technology, orators will maintain the same intelligibility throughout the room without a loss of high frequencies.

  • Only 1.4375 inch (3.6cm) in diameter
  • Available in black, white or silver finish
  • True Semisphere™ polar pattern
  • 30kHz flat frequency response
  • More gain before feedback
  • Near perfect polar pattern
  • Primary applications include teleconferencing, distance learning, surveillance, boardrooms, government facilities, and ambient room miking
IMB30-B 30kHz omni, black finish

IMB30-S 30kHz omni, silver finish

IMB30-W 30kHz omni, white finish

IMBL30-B 30kHz omni, black finish, red & green LEDs, touch sensor output

IMBL30-S 30kHz omni, silver finish, red & green LEDs, touch sensor output

IMBL30-W 30kHz omni, white finish, red & green LEDs, touch sensor output

Frequency Response: 60Hz to 30kHz ±2dB at 45 degrees incidence to the surface

Integrated Low Cut Filter Attenuation: -15 dB at 60Hz

Polar Pattern: True Semisphere™

Sensitivity: 70mV/Pa at 1kHz

Power Requirements: 48V Phantom, 10mA

Max Acoustic Input: 136dB SPL

Output: XLR-3 (pin 2+)

Output Impedance: 65Ω balanced

Min Output Load: 1K between pins 2 & 3

Noise: 19.5 dBA (Typical)

IMBL Light Ring Connector: Phoenix or RJ45

IMBL Light Ring Voltage: 8-28VDC @ 85-170mA

IMBL Light Ring Activation: Momentary Digital Pulse

Microphone Color: Black, White or Silver

Weight: 0.28 lbs (125g)

Polar Response

0_True Semisphere-01

Frequency Response – 45 Degrees Incidence

frequency_imb30 FINAL2-01

Impulse Response




STK-IMB Dimension and Illustration


STK-IMBL Dimension and Illustration sml
IMBL Installed Diagram PCB View No Clamp small