Microphones for Houses of Worship

Earthworks High Definition Microphones™ are the result of major advances in microphone technology and are made differently from any other microphones in the world. They reproduce sound with far greater accuracy and fidelity, while overcoming all major obstacles encountered when using microphones in church sound reinforcement systems. Let us look at the problems typically encountered in church sound systems and then see how they can be overcome with the use of Earthworks High Definition Microphones™.

Common Problems The Earthworks Solution
Uneven coverage of vocal microphones An Earthworks directional microphone offers the full frequency response and full level at both the sides and front of the microphone. When orators use an Earthworks High Definition Microphone™ they enjoy the same high quality sound and sound level at the front or on the sides of the microphone.
Insufficient gain before feedback Because of this very uniform polar response, an Earthworks directional microphone will provide significantly more sound level before acoustic feedback.
Spotlighting The exceptionally uniform frequency response of Earthworks High Definition Microphones™ allows them to pick up sounds uniformly and accurately, with no spotlighting.
Leakage of sound from the rear of the mic Earthworks microphones are designed to reject sounds coming from the rear of the microphone in the dominant frequency range from 500Hz to 4kHz. This is also the frequency range where most feedback problems occur.
Many microphones required to mike a choir The much wider polar response (with full frequency response) of Earthworks High Definition Microphones™ allows the use of fewer microphones. With Earthworks High Definition Microphones, you can not only use fewer microphones, you also have more sound level before feedback, no spotlighting, more rejection of sounds from the rear in addition to a vastly superior sound quality.
Lack of pure sound with accuracy and high intelligibility Earthworks High Definition Microphones™ incorporate a number of advanced technologies and are not made like any other microphone in the world. Due to these advanced technologies, Earthworks High Definition Microphones™ will outperform any conventional microphones, without respect to make, model or price.

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