Dan Green Captures Coldplay With Earthworks Microphones

Since moving to the Earthworks drum microphones my drum sound has really expanded. The transient response of these microphones is incredible. Before I used to rely on transient enhancing plug-ins to get a similar sound, now it is all from the SR40 overheads. One of the other benefits of the new DP30/C periscope microphones are their new very rugged flexible arms, this gives me so many options on placement. They are a great addition to any Studio recording or Live performance.

– Dan Green – Coldplay FOH Engineer

Drum Microphones

DP30/C 30kHz cardioid tom & snare microphone Toms; Snare Go
SR30/HC 30kHz multi-purpose hypercardioid condenser microphone Kick drum; Hi-hat Go
SR40mp 40kHz cardioid condenser microphone – matched pair Overheads Go
KP1 KickPad Kick drum Go

Vocal Microphones

SR40V 40kHz hypercardioid handheld vocal condenser microphone Backing Vocals Go

Measurement Microphones

M30 30kHz measurement microphone PA Analysis Go