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“I had heard so many positive comments regarding Earthworks microphones, as drum overheads that I thought it was time to check them out. After contacting Earthworks they responded quickly and I got a few mics to check out. After spending a day in the studio checking out different configurations, placements and comparing them to my old mic set up I had to convince myself that what I was hearing was real. The clarity of my cymbals was night and day. My crashes speak much more quickly and all the attack transients of the ride are pristine and clearly defined. Previously I had spent a lot of time fussing with the close mic on my snare to get the sound right. But with the Earthworks there was the sound I was always trying to get right in the overheads. Just a little of the close mic for sweetening in the mix and bam there it was – my snare drum likes it’s supposed to sound. And the same goes for my toms, especially with the omni overheads. And lastly I thought the bass mike with the kick pad seemed like maybe a bit more than I really needed as I was pretty happy with what I had but…..once again after several combination’s and test I found that there was no going back. Again there was the sound of MY bass drum. It was natural, solid, fat, and punchy. It was everything that it should be. I can’t wait to start this project now as I look forward to hearing my drums the way they really sound on this recording.”

-Wally Schnalle



Wally Schnalle has been skirting around the Bay Area jazz scene since he quit his Silicon Valley desk job in order to pursue a career playing drums back in 1984. Since then, the freewheeling percussionist has found himself headlining shows across California as well as landing on the bill for several festivals, including the The Monterey, Portland and San Jose Jazz Festival as well as clubs from LA to Seattle. In between concerts, Schnalle’s schedule resembles nothing of his cubicle impaired past life – in fact, it’s pretty much one giant drum-athon, from teaching lessons to his position as editor for DRUM! Magazine. Wally ‘s current release “Out of the Pan” is a powerful display of modern jazz-fusion interspersed with the kind of classic nuances that merit timeless appreciation.

Lastest release Wally Schnalle “Out of the Pan” (street Date 7/20/2010) features Earthworks Drum Mics.

Drummer, Composer, Teacher and Music Editor for DRUM! Magazine


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