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“A lot of people were talking about these microphones, so I tried them out and they were really good. I have a lot of respect for Dave Morgan, who was very excited, and also got very positive feedback from everyone else involved. They said the dynamics of my playing were really coming through and that mics have a really great, natural sound.”

-Steve Gadd



At the very start of the James Taylor tour, well-respected front of house engineer David Morgan told Gadd about Earthworks’ drum mics. Morgan, who has a stellar track record in his own right, was already a fan of Earthworks PianoMic calling it “the most beautiful piano system I’ve ever used.” In his second life as a journalist, Morgan also had written enthusiastic reviews about both the PianoMic and the Drum FullKit. As a friend and a trusted professional, Morgan insisted that Gadd give them a try on the James Taylor tour.

“I’ve had a lot of experience with Steve,” explains Morgan. “We took the Earthworks mics with us over to Europe this summer and the results were absolutely astounding. I’ve been sold on these mics from the very beginning and now Steve has become an Earthworks believer as well.”

On the James Taylor tour, Gadd plays a Yamaha drum set with a 20″ x 16″ bass drum, 12″ and 13″ rack toms and 14″ and 15″ floor toms. He’s also got a rack cowbell on the bass drum and four cymbals: two crashes, a ride, a sizzle and a hi-hat. The entire kit is miked using Earthworks’ Drum FullKitTM system; this includes (1) DP25/C (on the snare), (4) DP30/Cs (on the toms), (2) SR25s (overheads), (1) SR30 (on the hi-hat), (1) SR30 (on the kick drum) and a KickPad™.

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