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Luis W Hernandez is a drummer-musician native from Puerto Rico, whom have been on the road and the studio due to his versatility. His knowledge goes beyond technique and performance, but physics, cohesion and musicality. Luis is the CEO and owner of The Sonorous Room Recording Studio, where he not only records drums for audio sessions, but also videos for his upcoming website. Luis’s experience ranges from the gospel scene to the pop realm and jazz. He has performed with Eddie “GuaGua” Rivera, Heineken’s jazz fests over the Caribbean, even as a drum technician for the Ricky Martin tour of “Loaded”. Luis now dedicates himself to the studio and up and coming artists. Now working on the Pre-Production of his up coming album “Untitled”. Based in the Text painting of the Baroque era, Luis is implanting ethnicity and technicality mixed with simplicity to achieve the message of communication through frequencies.

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