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“Earthworks microphones allow me to capture exactly what I hear, with more detail than I’ve ever experienced in a microphone! I can record literally anything and it will come out sounding spectacular. The QTC30 is now my go to mic for everything from acoustic guitar to guitar amps, vocals, violins, everything! I’ve even recorded drum beats one drum at a time and come up with some of the biggest, punchiest sounds I’ve heard!”

-Garbiel Redding



Gabriel Redding, figurehead of the pop/rock production “GABRIEL” has been performing, engineering, writing music and designing shows for the past 10 years, sharing the stage with notables such as Lady Antebellum, Hinder, Joan Jett, KC and the Sunshine Band, Boys Like Girls, Jason Mraz, Gin Blossoms, Sister Hazel, Bo Bice, and many others. He has also performed a 25 day AFE / USO tour in the middle east for the troops, covering 9 countries, 3 continents, and 18 military bases.

GABRIEL plays invigorating pop/rock with a twist of adventure, featuring up-beat riffs, a positive perspective, and digitally reinforced acoustic and electric instruments, giving a ultra-modern yet familiar and textured sound.

“He is the most talented person I’ve ever met, or even heard of! He really is a renaissance man!” says Doretta Osburn, GABRIEL’s Manager. “He plays every instrument imaginable, writes all of his own music, records it, masters it, designs and builds his shows, directs his music videos, edits them, everything! ”

Gabriel Redding is also heavily involved with his favorite philanthropy, the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

From June 29th to August 10th, 2009, Gabriel rode his bicycle 3204.3 miles from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Seattle, Washington to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

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