Doug Hammer


Award-winning pianist/composer Doug Hammer has been using Earthworks products for over a decade. Music has always played an important role in Doug’s life, as he was called to it at a very early age. He showed musical interest at age three and began piano lessons at the age of six. He was educated in contemporary, jazz and classical styles of music.

A scholarship graduate of Berklee College of Music, Doug’s musical world continued to flourish, gaining experience in everything from record production to jazz harmony. After Berklee, he opened his own project studio and production company, Dreamworld Productions. His studio and skills have served the needs of many, working on projects for film, web, TV, radio and corporate. He has produced countless artists in many different styles, including pop, rock, folk, jazz, blues, cabaret, R&B, African, and classical.

After many years of success with his business, Doug started releasing his own solo piano albums. They feature his Schimmel concert grand and a pair of Earthworks TC30’s. The Schimmel offers a pure, crystal clear tone which sustains forever. The Earthworks microphones capture his piano beautifully and have become part of his signature sound. His latest album, Travels, won 2011 Album of the Year on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. It also won Album of the Month for November 2011 on and was also nominated for Album of the Year by and

Doug’s music has been getting internet, satellite and radio airplay all over the world. His music is regularly featured on Soundscapes (Music Choice) and Pandora. He is also featured on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.

2013 brings a number of tours throughout the US, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Sedona, Phoenix, Austin, Nashville, New York, Boston and Cape Cod. Doug is also working on his upcoming album, Heart. Upgrading to the top of the line Earthworks QTC50 microphones, he will be able to capture every whisper and thunder of his piano.

Doug Hammer albums featuring Earthworks microphones:

Solace, 2007
Baby Music 1, 2008
Baby Music 2, 2008
Noel, 2008
Travels, 2011

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