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“I have a pragmatic approach to audio, and to me it doesn’t really matter how good its specs are on paper. It has to sound good to my ears. Earthworks prove to be extremely good on both ends. Earthworks microphones are full of detail, have a great impulse response, and a wider frequency range than most microphones. They are truly High Definition Microphones.”

-Carlos Novais



“I first had a chance to use Earthworks microphones while touring with Candlebox in 2007. When I heard the P30/C on toms/snare, and the SR30 on overheads, it really surprised me how good they sounded right off the bat. As long as my stage sources are good, I won’t need to apply any eq at all. I’ve been using them since, on all of my projects.

Another great surprise was when I had the chance to try the PM40 piano microphone system in Vonda Shepard’s piano, while touring Europe in 2010. We have used all sorts, sizes, and brands of pianos, as well as different sound systems every night. Having the PM40 system made my life easier. It’s so simple and easy to set up. It actually makes the piano sound sonically even, without hot spots. It is a perfect companion to this beautiful and rich instrument that is the piano. I have people coming to me quite often (engineers and musicians), asking about the microphone and I proudly boast about the PM40.”

Carlos Novais was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. At age 8 he started playing the piano sporadically, but after listening to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Queen, at age 14, he fell in love with the electric guitar. After recording and performing with many bands, he became interested in making albums, as an engineer. He started working in a studio when he was 20 years old, while still working as a musician. Soon he was asked to mix the bands he recorded, live. He was immediately attracted by the excitement of touring and mixing live shows, and has been doing live sound and touring internationally for 15 years, while still recording albums, now live.

He has worked with Airto Moreira & Flora Purim, Sugarland, Keb’ Mo’, Amos Lee, Thin Lizzy, Ace Frehley, Candlebox, Vonda Shepard, The Gracious Few, among others.

Carlos has been living in Los Angeles, CA, since 1999 and when at home between tours, enjoys spending time with his family and nature.


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