QTC40 Studio Microphone

There’s no plugin for clean sound, so start with the right tool in your arsenal that gives you the ultimate control over sculpting your sound into the recording you want.

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IML Microphones with Touch Sensor & LEDs Debut at InfoComm

Engineered to operate remotely with a media control system, integrators have complete freedom to assign function and LED color to the Earthworks LumiComm™ Touch Ring.

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Rugged Enough to Take a Hit

Combining a detailed and pure sound with a design that lets you get the microphone exactly where you want it and stays put, you can finally get worry-free miking coupled with pristine sound quality.

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Mike Your Choir in High Definition

The C30 hanging choir microphones provide pristine audio quality without spotlighting and more gain before feedback while picking up almost no sound from the rear of the microphones.

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Add a Clean Snack to Your Lunchbox®

No distortion, no noise, no artificial flavors and no artificial coloring. Just 100% clean, pristine Earthworks.

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  • Piano Miking System

    From striking the perfect balance between the treble and bass to the sheer inconvenience of placing a mic on the instrument, a piano is one of the most difficult instruments to mic. The PM40 PianoMic™ offers an elegant solution that simplifies piano miking and captures the pure sound of the piano.

  • SR40V Vocal Microphone

    Engineered for use on stage or in the studio, the SR40V makes your vocals sound crisp, clear and natural. Featuring revolutionary circuitry for flawless sonic performance, the new SR40V delivers a natural clarity of sound with unmatched presence and depth for vocals.

  • M30 Measurement Microphone

    With a frequency response of 5Hz – 30kHz, ultra-fast impulse response and near perfect omnidirectional polar response, the Earthworks M30 is the measurement microphone of choice when tight tolerances and a flat wide response are needed.

  • DK25/L DrumKit™ System

    The Earthworks microphones found in the DK25/L captured every nuance of sound from each piece of the drum set with such an exceptional clarity and cohesiveness that it sounded like a “live” set of drums, not a bunch of pieces.

  • FlexMic™ Lectern Microphone

    Earthworks’ patented technologies incorporated into the FlexMic™ Series provide a high level of speech intelligibility and uniform off-axis response to ensure the orator is heard clearly, with no loss in sound quality, when speaking at the front or at the sides of the microphone. This smooth off-axis response also provides more gain before feedback.

  • FW730 FlexWand™

    The ideal solution when the utmost in sound quality and a low profile is required, the FW730 combines a 30kHz microphone, stand and boom into a single unit. The FlexWand’s near perfect polar response allows for fewer microphones on choir with better sound quality, no spotlighting and incredible rear rejection.